Vibration Dampener 


Every year 300 million tennis balls are produced and just a small fraction is recycled. ABN AMRO sponsor of the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament and accelerator of the circular economy wants to change this. They asked Remortel to create a product made of recycled tennis balls. Remortel designed a vibration dampener for tennis rackets. Together with a network of partners we recycled tennis balls and produced a first series of vibration dampeners which were showed at an exhibition at the ABN AMRO WTT an ATP 500 tournament. Next step is to bring this product to the market and the ultimate goal is to design a tennis ball that is easier to recycle.


The future of product design is green. Remortel designs products and takes sustainability into account. Sustainability is an important opportunity for innovation. We need new business cases and a different design approach to create products that last long and create a positive environmental foodprint. Remortel is working intensively to make this happen by creating a network of companies and specialists who are frontrunners in the circular economy. Inspired and want to know more?