What Remortel can do for you 

Remortel likes to build long lasting relationships through co-creation. Your input, problems, know-how and experience are very valuable to create the design that makes you and your brand stay relevant. Remortel has won competitions and prizes with designs that are sustainable, great to use and look amazing. To help companies create those products we focus on three points:

  1. To help you find that amazing idea.

  2. To translate your ideas into production ready designs (Get it off the ground)

  3. To get people and customers interested

Get that idea!

Everything start with an amazing idea! Whether it’s a new product design, an entire brand or the new service you want to develop, Remortel helps you to find that idea, through research, brainstorm sessions, sketches and prototypes.

Market research
User surveys
Trend research
Sustainability scan

Creative sessions:
Brainstorm sessions
Sketch sessions
Strategic sessions

Build prototypes and models:
Fail quickly is a term we hear a lot. As a picture is worth a thousand words, then a prototype is worth a thousand pictures. By building and testing prototypes as fast as we can, we can find direction and discover what is possible, what works and what is a good idea.



Get it off the ground!

You want to get that amazing idea of the ground. Remortel translates your ideas production ready designs. Remortel has the tools, a network of partners and the experience to help you bring a commercially succesful product to the market. Before hitting the market we build and test prototypes to make sure you get what you expect, but we always aim for more.

CAD modeling 
Technical drawings
Design for manufacturing

3D printing
Model making
Material & colour studies

Functional tests
User surveys

Extra services

Get people interested!

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. To get people interested great visuals and experiences are key. Remortel creates images for print and digital and produces objects or installations for exhibitions and events.

Product images/ animations
Technical illustrations/ animations

Unique 3D objects and prototypes for marketing events, trade shows and presentations